Over the years since I started this blog I’ve published hundreds of posts comprising hundreds of thousands of words.

But I’m conscious that not everyone is hugely keen on consuming their reading material online. And even in the world of always-on broadband and 4G smartphones there are occasions and situations in which online material is not easily accessible.

So every now and then I also make available for download thematic collections of selected posts.

New for November 2013

Economics after the crash

I regularly blog about the nature of economic knowledge and economic analysis. I have brought together nineteen of these blogposts as a collection of essays on the philosophy, ethics and methodology of economics. The essays touch on questions such as why economists missed the global financial crisis, debates about how economics needs to change, and the impact that economic analysis has on the real world. The issue of orthodoxy, heterodoxy and pluralism in economic analysis features prominently. The need for a stronger ethical component to economic education and economic analysis is a recurrent theme. Several of the essays make the link between economics and a broader political economy.

Economics After the Crash by Alex Marsh

June 2013

The problem of housing supply

I have blogged on the issue of housing supply every now and again over the last couple of years. This collection brings together a selection of these posts. It touches on issues such as land use planning, the house building industry, and the land market. It also considers a number of Coalition Government policies including Localism and Help to Buy.

The problem of housing supply is available free to download in pdf format. Or you can access it below via my page.

The problem of housing supply

April 2013

The policy con is on: Welfare and workfare in Cameron’s Britain

This book brings together a collection of the essays focusing on the Coalition Government’s welfare reform agenda that I have posted on my blog since July 2010. It covers social security reform, housing benefit changes, workfare, poverty, the minimum wage, and the divisiveness of the Government’s policy narratives around “welfare”. The essays are arranged chronologically, tracing the agenda as it has developed.

The policy con is on is available free to download in pdf format here. Or you can access it below via

The Policy Con Is On: Welfare and workfare in Cameron’s Britain by Alex Marsh

February 2013

Travels through Coalitionland: Notes of disquiet and dissent

This book contains a selection of the essays that I have blogged since July 2010. The essays focus on coalition politics, the role of the Liberal Democrats within the coalition, and the way in which Liberal Democrat policy and practice appears to be evolving. Many of the original posts were triggered by specific political developments, but they tend to be framed in terms of broader issues, values and principles. Many of the essays are critical of contemporary political developments. The essays are arranged chronologically. They therefore offer a guide, albeit a very loose and imperfect guide, to aspects of the coalition’s evolution.

Travels through Coalitionland is available free to download here in pdf format. Or you can access it below via

Travels through Coalitionland: Notes of disquiet and dissent by Alex Marsh

December 2012

Marginal Notes: Offline essays in economics and policy

Can the Government privatise large swathes of the public sector with no adverse consequences? Why didn’t economists see the Global Financial Crisis coming? Did economics contribute to the crash? Why is it difficult to punish corporations that avoid tax? Is economics capable of reforming itself? And how are local bus markets like the Wild West?

These are some of the topics that feature in this collection of 18 essays on economics and policy. It touches on microeconomics, macroeconomics and the philosophy, methodology and ethics of economics. It also links economics to a broader political economy.

Marginal Notes is available free to download here in pdf format. Or you can access it below via

Marginal Notes by Alex Marsh

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