Policy Unpacked

Policy Unpacked logoIn December 2013 I experimented by producing my first Policy Unpacked podcast.

The podcasts are intended primarily as an extension of my blog in a different format. But the change of format also allows me to do some different things. In particular, I can get others involved. It allows me to be joined by guests to discuss issues that are on the current policy agenda.

The intention is to produce a podcast occasionally, but hopefully relatively frequently.

You could subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. But there appears to have been a technical hitch which got me dropped from the directory after podcast #9. When it’s fixed I’ll put the link here.

I’m not listed in an Android directory. So if you use an Android podcatcher and want to subscribe then you could have a go at doing it manually. The RSS feed is:


Policy Unpacked also has a stream at Soundcloud.com, which you can find and follow here.

Here is a sample episode:



The podcast’s theme music is bluebeat #01 by ERH.

The incidental sound effect is Hertz ride by Richard Frohlich.

Both are available from freesound.org and are used with thanks under a Creative Commons license.

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