I started this blog as somewhere to comment on issues that are in the news and on my mind.

The blog also brings together in one place posts that first appeared elsewhere on the web. Over the years I have posted on sites including Liberal Democrat Voice, the Guardian Housing Network blog, LSE British Politics & Policy blog, LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog, The Conversation UK, the PolicyBristol hub and the Cache blog. Cross-posts from other sites were pretty regular when I started out. They are now rather less frequent.

Posts that started life here appeared quite regularly at Guerilla Policy. My posts have been reblogged to other blog sites including Pieria, Democratic Audit, and the Public Finance blog.

Outside the blogosphere I am Professor of Public Policy at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol.

My research interests encompass UK housing policy; housing economics and housing markets; the economics of social and public policy; public governance and management; and theorizing the policy process. My publications include papers in journals such as Housing Studies, Policy & Politics, Local Government Studies and New Political Economy. I have edited four books. Most recently, I co-edited the Sage Library in Housing Economics with Professor Ken Gibb of Glasgow University. To find out a bit more you can head to my university website here or my personal site: alex-marsh.net

I am currently chair of the Management Board for the academic journal Policy & Politics. I was a member of the editorial board of Housing Studies between 2000-2020, including a term as Managing Editor.

I was, for the period 2004-2012, a trustee of Brunelcare. Between 20130=-2018 I was a Non-Executive Director of Curo Group. I am the current Chair of the Housing Studies Charitable Trust.

I’m also a black belt in karate and a long distance runner.

Material related to all these topics should feature on this blog somewhere.

I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on the material I post here. So I welcome your comments on the posts – even if you want to take me to task about something.

If you’ve got any thoughts about the blog that you’d like to share then please send me an email at alex.marsh [at] bristol.ac.uk. Alternatively, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


Everything and anything published on this blog is my personal opinion, hopefully informed by some professional and/or personal knowledge of what I’m talking about. Nothing published here should be taken as representative of the policy or views of any of the organisations with which I am associated.

Each post is a reflection of my views on a topic at a particular point in time. It is quite possible that my views will change and move on over time, once I’ve spent more time thinking about the issue. Posts on similar topics at different times may therefore develop different lines of argument.

I am not responsible for the content of any external website to which this blog links.

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  1. I am thinking of doing a blog myself. You have designed a very good blog, very informative.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. Of course I remember you were with us. Was it that long ago? Probably, but it doesn’t seem like it. Good luck with your blog. It can be great fun blogging – but it can also be frustrating! (Maybe that’s part of the fun?) I’ll no doubt check it out and see how it’s going 🙂