It’s nearly that time again

[Originally posted at Bristol Running Resource, 03/09/12]

If you’ve put your name down for this year’s Bristol half marathon then you’ve probably just found an email from the organisers in your inbox. It’s a reminder that there are four weeks to go before the race. Only four weeks!

I hope you’re on target to hit the mileage that you need ready for the big day.

I feel like I’ve – finally – got back into half marathon territory for the first time in quite a long time. Yesterday I managed a slow run of over 10 miles. As a result, the legs were a little stiff this morning, but at least no damage was done. [Read more...]


Running, away from home

We’ve been staying with the in-laws in South Wales over Easter. That means we’ve had the opportunity to run some different terrain.

If you leave the front door and head north within 10 minutes you leave Bleanau Gwent, cross into Powys and find yourself on the southern edges of the Brecon Beacons national park. The run from there is pretty much uphill for the next 20 minutes across moorland. [Read more...]


Cross roads

[Originally posted at Bristol Running Resource, 26/02/12]

We all know that safely negotiating the roads is step one for successful urban running. Some drivers are less likely to spot a runner than a cyclist. For runners, traffic awareness is vital.

But what’s your approach to negotiating the roads safely? In particular, what’s your junction etiquette? This is a recurrent source of disagreement between me and my partner.

When I’m on a run and I see a car on the main road signalling to turn at the time I’ll be arriving at the turning then, if necessary, I give way. I slow down/stop so they can turn, as you would if you were walking. The alternative is for the car to brake late, stop on the main road and wave you across. That often happens, even when I have clearly stopped to allow the driver to turn. [Read more...]


Running without rhyme or reason

[Originally posted at Bristol Running Resource, 04/12/11]

How’s your running? I hope it’s going well.

I have to say that mine has been all over the place for the last few weeks. It took me much longer than usual to recover from the Bristol Half Marathon. So during September I clocked up very few miles. During October and November it’s all been a bit up and down, and I don’t mean on the hills. [Read more...]


So how was it for you?

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 11/09/11]

I hope your experience of today’s Bristol Half was a positive one – that you got to the finish line in one piece and with a smile on your face. If you were aiming for a time then I hope you hit your target.

It was great to see so many people of all ages, sizes and shapes out there pounding the streets. First timers mingling with those who’ve had a lifetime of distance running. The guys with the bagpipes probably deserve some sort of special award. [Read more...]


Ready for the off?

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 29/08/11]

We’re now less than two weeks away from the Bristol Half Marathon. If you’re running then I hope your training has gone well and you’ve managed to stay injury free. As Ben mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, the conventional wisdom is that if you can run 10 miles then you should be able to manage to get around a Half. I think that’s right, although the last mile or so may present your quads with an interesting challenge.

If your preparations have fallen a bit short of what you had hoped for then it’s a good idea not to try to catch up by cramming in a lot of extra training at the last minute. That’s a good way to get injured. And it’s not really a hugely effective way to increase your fitness – the rest periods between runs are integral to improving endurance. Even if you avoid injury, the chances are you’ll be knackered when race day arrives. [Read more...]


Doing things by halves

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 15/07/11]

It’s happened again. After last year’s experience I promised I’d get organised earlier and build up over a longer period. But, exactly like last year, I’ve only managed to enter the Bristol Half in the second week in July. So I’ve got eight weeks to get my long run from 3.5miles to 13.1miles. It can certainly be done (Well, I managed it last year!). But it’s hardly ideal. [Read more...]


Back on the ‘path

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 04/06/11]

Yesterday’s Towpath 10k was my first outing at 10k for more than three years. Having missed the Bristol 10k last month I thought I’d enter the next local race that I could get to, if only as a target to keep the training moving forward. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve run the Towpath 10k since I ran for GWR in the 2005 Inter-club Mob Match.

So how did it go? [Read more...]


Getting in the swing

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 19/05/11]

What are your arms up to when you run? You may not have given it much thought. Surely running’s all about putting one foot in front the other? If you want to run faster then the key is to move those legs quicker. Well, yes, but what you’re doing with your arms can make a big difference as well.

I’m rebuilding my running after injury at the moment. Speed and distance aren’t top of the list. So I thought I’d work a bit on my running style. [Read more...]


Back to Square 1 – or perhaps Square 1.5

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 01/05/11]

Well that didn’t go too badly. Friday evening saw me head out on my first run for three weeks. As predicted on Thursday, it wasn’t going to be quick. I managed 29m30s, for an out and back training run that I’ve done in a lifetime best under 22m. But that wasn’t the main concern. My foot problem didn’t get any worse. And today I took it a bit further and did a 34m run. Good news. But best not to push too far too soon.

These couple of runs were a bit of a struggle in other ways. [Read more...]