Back to Square 1 – or perhaps Square 1.5

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 01/05/11]

Well that didn’t go too badly. Friday evening saw me head out on my first run for three weeks. As predicted on Thursday, it wasn’t going to be quick. I managed 29m30s, for an out and back training run that I’ve done in a lifetime best under 22m. But that wasn’t the main concern. My foot problem didn’t get any worse. And today I took it a bit further and did a 34m run. Good news. But best not to push too far too soon.

These couple of runs were a bit of a struggle in other ways. Just about everything that can ache seems now to have decided to ache. Things that haven’t ached for years – since back when I started running a decade ago. It was hardly a long time off, but it seems to have taken me back to, if not Square 1, then perhaps Square 1.5.

I’m not going to be in a position to run the Bristol 10k this year. So now I’m thinking the June Towpath 10k might be the event to rejoin the racing crowd. Better get to work. Not just on rebuilding the distance, but also on all the other core stability and strength work that I’ve been neglecting a bit recently. There’s plenty to do.

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