Grappling with big ideas

I’ve just published some thoughts on last night’s Bristol Festival of Ideas event over at

Last night I attended a cracking event to mark the relaunch Pelican books, organised under the auspices of the Bristol Festival of Ideas. The authors of four of the initial five volumes published by Pelican in its new guise were present to give a 15 minute overview of their book and participate in a Q+A. The panel comprised Ha-Joon Chang, Robin Dunbar, Orlando Figes, and Bruce Hood. It was unfortunate that Melissa Lane, the fifth author, was unavailable because that resulted in an all-male panel.

Ha-Joon Chang kicked off by wondering why, when they have opinions on all sorts of contentious topics about which they have no especial expertise, most people feel economics should be left to ‘experts’.

You can read the rest of the post here.

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