My top ten posts of 2011

This has been the first full year for this blog.

In early November I moved over from, which led to a bit of disruption. But we’re now back to previous levels of traffic.

I’ve put my best arithmetic hat on to work out which are the top ten posts across the two sites over the course of the year.

So here are the ten posts which recorded the most hits: [Read more…]

My top ten blogs 2011

Here’s something slightly different. Many bloggers post a list of their top posts for the year. I plan to do so. But I was just as interested in reflecting on what I read as what I write.

I’ve got a stinking cold at the moment so as I lay awake this morning, in between sneezing and nose blowing, I tried to compile a list of my top ten blogs for 2011. If this gives the impression that I’m some sort of character from a well-known Nick Hornby novel then that wouldn’t be entirely correct. Honest.

One thing I concluded from this exercise is that the blogosphere is bad for me. Or indeed for anyone who is naturally inquisitive. There is so much interested material out there. There are dozens of blogs that I read regularly, if not always frequently. And there are many individual bloggers who I will always read when I come across their work. I’m always coming across new bloggers that I enjoy, often via RTs on Twitter, and those I’ve discovered recently might have made it on to the list if I’d come across them earlier.

There are also, of course, large piles of electronic manure out there that are best avoided.

So when I say “top” blog, what do I mean? [Read more…]