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The Q#2 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between April and June 2013 that recorded the most hits:

  1. Curbing the welfare hate (6th April)
  2. Who is social housing for, and who should it be for? (10th April)
  3. Uncertain terrain: issues and challenges facing housing associations (11th May)
  4. Is a little economics dangerous? (2nd April)
  5. Universal Credit: Some observations on policy and politics (19th June)

I was clearly on a bit of roll at the beginning of April!

One thing that strikes me about this list is that all the posts apart from Curbing the welfare hate are links to longer documents on – including texts prepared for other purposes or to accompany presentations. Also, two other link posts of that type were just outside the top 5 this quarter. This came as a bit of a surprise. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. Clearly there is some interest in pieces discussing current policy issues at greater length than is possible in a conventional blogpost. Any thoughts welcome.

Having said that, Saturday’s blogpost Retoxifying the rentier is seeing plenty of traffic today and will overtake the Universal Credit post shortly.

Thanks for reading. And commenting. Even when you’re disagreeing with me.

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