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The Q#2 quintet, and more

Here are the five posts on this blog that recorded the most hits between April and June 2014:

  1. Uncertain terrain: Issues and challenges facing housing associations (11th May 2013)
  2. Ed’s brave housing proposal (1st May)
  3. Welfare reforms: the evidence mounts (9th April)
  4. Why is Owen Jones so annoying? (4th July 2013)
  5. The government is solving the housing crisis, apparently (31st May)

June has been a quiet month. Nothing has really taken off.

Two of the top five posts this quarter were published last year. They both featured in my top ten posts of 2013, and in the quintet for the first quarter of this year. They continue to attract plenty of hits. Indeed, they are now by far my two most popular posts of all time.

If I continue the list so it covers the top five posts published this quarter then it also includes:

Thanks for reading. And commenting. Even when you’re disagreeing with me.

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