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Alex’s Archives – Most read posts 2010

Here’s the list of the top half dozen posts since I began this blog in October 2010, starting with the most frequently visited:

  1. The poverty of Nick Clegg’s “new” progressives
  2. Exit, voice, loyalty: what’s a Libdem to do?
  3. A fairer future or no future for social housing?
  4. The continuing saga of Housing Benefit “reform”: unaware or just don’t care?
  5. Why the unseemly haste on housing reform?
  6. “Us” and “Them”. Yes, them over there. The benefit scroungers.

I’ve very much enjoyed writing these, and all the other, posts. And I’ve been very encouraged by the rapidly increasing number of visits to this blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of what I’ve posted, whether or not you agreed with what I had to say.

Here’s to 2011. And may it bring plenty more to blog about.

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