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The Q#1 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between January and March that recorded the most hits:

  1. Monbiot’s tax take and the embedding of plutocracy: an urgent concern for Liberal Democrats (8 February)
  2. The mundane malfunctioning of markets – a tale of life and death (3 March)
  3. Economists, implicated (19 February)
  4. Housing demand – a role for status concerns? (27 January)
  5. Trade unions, street marches, and ConservativeHome’s 10 immoral commandments (27 March)

Monbiot’s tax take … is the most frequently read post since the blog started, as well as being included in the LDV Golden Dozen for that week.

Thanks for reading. And commenting. Even when you’re disagreeing with me 🙂

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