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Intergenerational justice – SLF Conference 2012

This year’s Social Liberal Forum Conference – on the theme of Social justice for today’s youth and future generations – is being held on 21st July at King’s College, London.

Nick Clegg will be delivering the inaugural William Beveridge Memorial Lecture, while Ed Davey will be talking about economics for future generations.

The current plan is to run parallel sessions on the following topics:

  • Is the government tackling the causes of the riots?
  • Does inequality only matter when it becomes intergenerational?
  • Well-being through the generations
  • Is education the key to social mobility?
  • The housing generation gap
  • The great care scandal – what should be done?
  • Responding to the Coalition – new political movements
  • What is happening to benefits?

A fuller provisional programme is available here.

It looks like a great line up of speakers is shaping up. It is going to be a fascinating event.

It is likely that I will be speaking in the housing session. What more incentive do you need to be there? 😉

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