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At JC’s invitation – 19th Oct or thereabouts

Blogging is funFollowing up a similar post at Liberal Democrat Voice earlier today, Jonathan Calder at Liberal England has reflected on what he has been blogging about on 19th October all the way back into the mists of 2004.

He invited others to do likewise. It feels a bit retro, but I’ve had a go.

I’ve had a look back through the – slightly shorter in my case – archive and discovered that I don’t post frequently enough to hit 19th October regularly. But I have usually posted a day or two one side or the other of 19th.

So here’s my ‘thereabouts’ list:

  • Earlier today I posted Alleged rights violations – looking at the ongoing UN investigation into the possibility that IDS’s welfare reforms have resulted in “grave or systematic violations” of the rights of disabled people. I made the point that the Government’s dilution or violation of citizens’  rights is hardly restricted to this field.
  • On 18th October last year I published my review of the Lyons review of the supply of new housing. It travelled under what is almost certainly my worst ever punning title: Lyons leaps to height?
  • Back on 20th October 2013 in Tenants Uniting? I considered whether private tenants were getting organised, in part as a result of the new connections made possible by social media, in order to press the case for policy change and a better deal.
  • The topic of discussion on 19th October 2012 was Housing the homeless in the private rented sector. I took one of my occasional outings into legal debates and reflected on the wording of a recently issued Statutory Instrument. It’s more interesting than it sounds, honest.
  • In 2011 the subject for my post on 18th October was ethics in public life. Ethical renewal to banish that fin de siecle feeling was a crosspost. It first appeared at the short-lived multi-author blogging platform Dale&Co. It discussed some troubling conflicts of interest affecting Government ministers.
  • October 2010 was the inaugural month for this blog. In my youthful exuberance I somehow managed to produce 14 posts that month. On 21st October I posted Self-denying … and self-defeating?, which brings us right back to the start because it was a crosspost from Liberal Democrat Voice. I looked forward to the AV referendum, which was then six months hence, and argued that the chances of getting a Yes vote were perhaps not so great. The analysis was perhaps a little wonky, but in the light of how things played out I don’t think it stands up too badly as a piece of prognostication.

So there you have it. That selection is reasonably representative of the sort of material that features prominently here. Quite a bit of housing, a good chunk on the practice of politics – usually, if I’m honest, bemoaning the way things are heading, some Libdemmery, some discussion of welfare reform, and the occasional foray into legal matters.

If there had been a post relating to economics in there somewhere then it would have captured pretty much the full range of topics that feature regularly.

What does 19th October look like on your blog?

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  1. It no longer exists, but it was about this time of year in 2004 that I posted on the question:

    Are rising asset prices “inflation”? And if not, why not? And even if not, are they dangerous anyway?