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The Q#2 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between April and June that recorded the most hits:

  1. Jeremy Hunt and the limits of credulity (1st May)
  2. Economists? That’ll be your problem right there (10th June)
  3. Grasping the big picture on housing (21st April)
  4. Why an Elected Mayor is a bad idea (2nd May)
  5. Beds, sheds, and regs (13th May)

This has been a busy quarter for the blog. May was the highest traffic month so far, and the blog reached the ebuzzing June top 100 for politics (although it is going to drop out again in July). June ended with an automatic upgrade of my theme causing a major software glitch. I had to reinstall the theme so I’ve taken the opportunity to give the blog a new look. Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading. And commenting. Even when you’re disagreeing with me.

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