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Policy Unpacked #1 – Mad about mayors

Policy Unpacked logoIn 2012 Elected mayors were very much on the political agenda in England. But after the largely negative outcome of last year’s referendums there was a debate over whether mayors are now off the agenda again. However, in 2013 the debate about mayoral governance seems to be as vibrant as ever.

In this podcast I discuss the debate over Elected mayors with my colleague David Sweeting. We touch on the debate at local, national and internal level. (Running time: 28′ 30″)

It’s my first podcast – so it’s a little rough and ready. You know that expression, “he’s got a face perfect for radio”? Well, I suspect I’ve got a voice perfect for blogging. All feedback welcome – but break it to me gently.  🙂


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  1. Long time lurker here. Thought you might appreciate some feedback on the first podcast. Listened to it whilst driving and have to say I enjoyed it. I’m a bit of a local government geek though! I definitely hope you do some more. My only suggestion is that it’d be a lot easier as a user if they were on iTunes. I listen to podcasts on my iPhone and it was a bit tricky getting this one to work. Only a minor quibble though.

  2. Hello Jenny, thanks for your feedback.
    I am hoping that the podcast(s) will be available via iTunes some time in the next couple of days. It’s in the middle of their approval process at the moment. I will let ppl know once it’s on their directory.