Policy Unpacked #4 – Rethinking post-crash economics

Policy Unpacked logoSince the Global Financial Crisis questions have been asked about the adequacy of dominant approaches to economic analysis. Are they sufficient to help us understand the economy or do they need supplementing or reformulating?

This is an important question for policy not simply because of the debate over austerity but also because economic ideas and arguments are increasingly influential when seeking to shape, justify or change policy more generally.

Students at a number of British universities have sought to question whether the economics curriculum they are offered for their undergraduate degree is adequate. This week the Post-Crash Economics Society at Manchester University published a report seeking to make the case for a more pluralist, critical and broad-based economics education.

These are issues that I have discussed a number of times on this blog. My most recent collection of blogposts brings together most of the posts from the last three years relevant to the topic.

In this podcast I reflect further on some of the key themes in the debate that the PCES report has stimulated (running time 53′ 28″).

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