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The Q#1 quintet (usual suspects edition)

Here are the five posts on this blog that recorded the most hits between January and March 2015:

  1. Uncertain terrain: Issues and challenges facing housing associations (11th May 2013)
  2. Why is Owen Jones so annoying? (4th July 2013)
  3. Economists and their politics (11th Jan)
  4. The political classes lagging not leading on housing (29th Jan)
  5. The Tory £12bn and manifest inadequacy (28th March)

So the two hardy perennials reassert themselves and head back to the top of the charts. Economists and their politics wasn’t too far behind, but couldn’t quite topple these two evergreens.

As I noted at the end of the last quarter, the ‘Uncertain Terrain …’ and ‘Owen Jones’ posts, perhaps not surprisingly, topped the charts for the whole of 2014. They are still going strong. They are now by far and away my most popular posts of all time.

If I continue the list so it covers the top five posts published this quarter then it also includes:

I’m quite pleased to see ‘Three aspects …’ doing ok because I almost didn’t post it here, given that it had already appeared in Liberator.

Thanks for reading. And commenting. Even when you’re disagreeing with me.

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