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The Q#3 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between July and September that recorded the most hits: Expensive homes for wealthy people (23rd August) There’s money to be made from “responsibilizing” the poor (17th September) Housing and the economy (12th September) Housing transformations and trajectories: My contribution […]

The Q#2 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between April and June that recorded the most hits: Jeremy Hunt and the limits of credulity (1st May) Economists? That’ll be your problem right there (10th June) Grasping the big picture on housing (21st April) Why an Elected Mayor […]

The Q#1 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between January and March that recorded the most hits: Last desperate throw of the dice? (11th March) … but words can never hurt me (20th January) Libdem futures – Implosion or renewal? (15th March) An Elected Mayor for Bristol? […]

Orwellian tendencies

As Richard Morris noted earlier today, the Liberal Democrat blogerati are well represented among the entries for this year’s Orwell Prize for Blogging. Some great bloggers have entered their work, including Richard himself. The tone is lowered somewhat by the fact that I’ve entered again. While the Orwell […]

Appraising health reform

Blogging is a fantastic medium for providing a brief statement of your views. Or for building an argument involving a small number of points. Or, perhaps, for giving a high level summary of a more complex argument. But it’s not a great medium through which to appraise complex […]

The Q#4 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between October and December that recorded the most hits: Keen insight into the monetary economy (15th November) Shifting underoccupiers (26th October) Liberal Democrat rebranding (27th November) Chaos in all directions (22nd December) On economic amnesia (12th October) “Keen insight […]

My top ten posts of 2011

This has been the first full year for this blog. In early November I moved over from wordpress.com, which led to a bit of disruption. But we’re now back to previous levels of traffic. I’ve put my best arithmetic hat on to work out which are the top […]

My top ten blogs 2011

Here’s something slightly different. Many bloggers post a list of their top posts for the year. I plan to do so. But I was just as interested in reflecting on what I read as what I write. I’ve got a stinking cold at the moment so as I […]

We’ve gone multi-platform

Alex’s Archives now has a Facebook page. If you prefer to keep up with posts through FB, rather than through subscribing to the blog directly, we’re good to go. So give us a Like. There’s a FB button on the top right of the screen or a box […]

Why bother?

Last Thursday saw this blog’s first anniversary. I’ve been thinking about why I put the time into it. There are hundreds – thousands – of bloggers out there. And that’s just in the politics field. Each blogger has his or her own mixture of reasons for launching their thoughts […]